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across the bay on 50, that moved through annapolis as we zoom down, it has moved through fredericks burg, heavy rain north, that will start moving on across. over to centennial radar, sentinel radar we have the thunderstorms down to the south of us continuing to work to the south and southeast t heaviest cluster there across the bay now we still do have a flash flood warning in effect for an arun dell, baltimore, howard county and we also have a flash flood warning in effect for charles and stafford county, that will go well into the early evening hours we will keep up with thunderstorms as they move through any more warnings pop up we will let you know all coming up again if they pop up. >> thank you for the update. after months of fighting and fears for the season, nfl lock out is finally over. players are agreeing to a deal with the owners today we will
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start our extended coverage now with an agreement that sports sergeant dave fieldman will tell us about. >> we all knew it would come we just didn't know when, 4.5 months dating back to march but it is all over. nfl pa executive board and 32 team reps voted unanimously to approve terms of the deal. now the league can begin the process of going back to work. bob barner downtown at the nfl pa offices with more good afternoon bob. >> reporter: well, hello dave there seemed to be a good deal of bad blood between the nfl ownerplayers over these past several months today they seem to put those hard feelings behind them. a long term collective bargaining agreement finally reached. >> well, been a long time coming, and football is back that is the news for everybody. >> nfl commissioner roger gudel
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made the announcement. >> we know what we did to frustrate fans over the last several months they want football our job is to give them football. >> touchdown. >> and so, football they will get, starting tomorrow, teams can start signing their draft picks and rookie free agents, veteran free agents on friday, camps start opening wednesday. >> we always said, we had this process we would do a deal when it was right and when it was the right deal our players did that we stuck it out to the end. >> players say all they wanted was to be paid fairly they will get 47% of the game's $9 billion in annual revenues owners get 5:00 3% the old deal was evenly split 50/50 owners saying they need more of the pie to help build new stadiums. >> as we have been able to have an agreement i think will allow this sport to flourish over the next decade, and we've done that in a way that is unique among the major sports, every
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team in our league, all 32 will be come debt pave, we've improved play -- competitive, we've improved player safety and remembered players who played in the past. >> roughly 1900 players must approve the deal and re- establish union >> i don't believe there will be a problem with the unity of players, getting together. i think as we go forward, we've got serious and critical issues, to address. >> issues relating to players health and safety and pensions. >> neither side got everything they wanted, but i think what we did achieve was a fair deal that will stand the test of time. >> now we had a chance to talk one on one with giants owner mara patriots owner craft, more tonight at 6. >> all right as a giants fan bob i know that was a thrill for you. nice job downtown. >> now what does this mean for washington red skins in training camp believe it or not will open up thursday, 28th in ash burn when it was supposed
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to open up we knew it months ago more than likely thursday will just be a report day with physicals meetings no real contact. the red skins first preseason game is two weeks from friday, august 12th when washington hosts the steelers at fedex field before that game, red skins have a lot of work to do including filling a 90 man loster right new they can discuss pos -- loster right now they can discuss possible trades and cuts but can't be made officially until thursday, first day of camp. friday 6:00 p.m. mark your calendars when teams can sign unrestricted free agents, that is when red skin one hits the friendly skies. >> tomorrow they are allowed to sign new drafted rookies including ryan care began, jenkins and hanker son. >> i spoke with the line backer for the red skins he said man i am glad it is over. >> from the front office to the
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players, their heads will be spinning over these next two weeks trying to get ready. >> absolutely and keeping track of the lostercuts a lot of decisions have to be made in a shorter period of time >> i guess the season goes on as scheduled. >> all we are missing is the canton game, everything else will go on as scheduled. >> of course we put our questions out to the facebook fans asking them if their loyalty to the nfl has changed now the lock out is over. marilyn writes no change at all just glad there is a resolution we can have football again this year. >> jerry york writes maybe the government should find out a thing or two. fox dc. >> eight daycounting until the united state cans not borrow money to pay billrepublicandemocrats don't appear to be any close tore a
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bipartisan deal. melanie has been following developments. >> sean it has been another day of negotiations on capitol hill republicans have come up with plan to do a two step on the ceiling but not all house republicans like it democrats are proposing a long term solution and say they are willing to give up increases in revenue for now. >> it is a mad dash to the finish line as lawmakers scramble to put together the debt ceiling package one that can pass the house is and senate it appears one may get sent to the president's desk for signature. boehner met with republicans an agreement to first raise the debt ceiling by 900 billion capped spending has no tax hikes then a second larger increase in the debt ceiling 1.6 trillion would require congress agreed to an additional 2 trillion in cuts adent fied by a bipartisan commission. >> we believe it is a responsible common sense plan
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that meets our obligations to the american people and preserves full faith and credit of the united states government. >> senate that majority leader reed proposed a plan that would take us out to 2 years $2.7 trillion in cuts no increases in revenue or cuts to medicare and medicaid. senate democrats say this is an offer that republicans can't refuse they do not want the short term increase, first they don't want the fight this out again come election time and second administration says it is important to show the market the u.s. can get its fiscal house in order long term in order to ensure stability. >> now what happens? >> well, the house bill will be posted tonight with a vote schedule for wednesday, senate bill we are hearing may be introduced tonight looks like they will need 60 votes to cut off debate and vote on the actual measure just 8 days until debt limit hits, treasure secretary geithner said they don't have the ability to choose who to pay and not pay we could see a government shut
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down $23 billion in social security payments due august third. at 6, we talked to economistthey weigh in on whether plans will go far enough and whether our gold plated credit rating may take a hit any way >> time to get nfl negotiators involved in this too. we learned president obama will address the nation to talk about the ongoing debt debate that will air at 9:00 p.m. watch it live fox 5 and on our website no deal on funding for the faa that means dozens of airport construction projects all over the country have come to a screeching halt. the federal aviation administration partially shut down last week because congress did not pass legislation for a budget. they are at odds over subsidies for rural communities and union issues. contractors have been told to stop work on modernization projects until there is a deal, 4,000 employees meanwhile are also on furlough, and the fda says airline security is not
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threatened. air traffic controllers are also not effected by this. >> house ethics committee launching an investigation into allegations against david wu a woman claims he engaged in unwanted sexual behaviour against her she graduated from high school in 2010 and said to be a daughter of one of his supporters, nancy pelosi called for the investigation after meeting with him over the weekend wu has not commented on the report. new tonight dna may be the link that so called east coast rapist -- linking the so called east coast rapist to another sex assault in maryland. aaron thomas' dna has been linked to a 1999 rape in green belt, state police lab will conduct more tests to establish a firm match thomas is linked to more than a dozen attacks dating back to 1997 police say they plan to file new charges if lab tests confirm a match.
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7 month old baby reported missing from baltimore friday has finally been reunited with his mother police are now questioning the teenager who allegedly took the baby they were found safe in northeast dc someone spotted her and the baby at a bus stop and called police the baby was taken to children's hospital to be checked out his mother thanked everyone who helped find him. >> i want to thank every police officer, i want to thank everybody, everybody on facebook everybody all my friends, my son is fine. nothing wrong with him. >> investigators say the baby's father left the child with boozer while he went to get cigarettes when he returned they were both gone police are questioning boozer to determine if charges should be filed. >> an outpouring of grief from the streets of norway as the man accused of a deadly attack appears before a judge. people packed the center of a small town near an island where dozens of young people were killed today police lowered the original death toll of the shooting and the bombing in
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oslo from 93 to 76. fox's greg burke has the latest from oslo. >> tens of thousands packing the streets in oslo, to remember victims of the deadly twin attacks friday that rocked this relatively peaceful nation. 32-year-old anders breivik appearing in court he pleaded not guilty. >> he is accused of the bombing in downtown oslo and shooting massacre at a youth camp on a nearby island. he made it clear in his internet manifesto that he planned to turn his court appearance into a stage for anti muslim rants calling for a revolution in europe. >> according to what the court understands accused believes he needed to carry out these acts in order to save norway and western europe from among other things cultural marxism and muslim take over. >> people across europe remembering the victims of the
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two attacks memorials growing outside norwegian embassies worldwide in berlin folks lighting candles, leaving flowers it was a similar scene in moscow where people left personal messages inside a special book of condolences back in norway people gathering in the central square a small town near the island were dozens were killed this woman brought her son so he can understand what happened. >> he understands something is happening but not why. it could be his brother and sisters, so we have to remember the people. come together everyone. >> after the course appearance, the judge said he also warned of two other terror cells a claim police are investigating. in oslo norway, greg burke fox news. she struggled with drugalcohol abuse for years is that ultimately what killed amy winehouse why the troubled singers cause of death may not be known for weeks.
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>> this is where they fought one of the critical battles of the civil war are they really going to build a highway on top of it. >> we are watching radar as scattered storms sweep through area, gary is back in minutes with an update.  [ child's voice ] ooh, that looks good.
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150th anniversary of the first battle of bull run is history most of the civil war
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reenactors in town from the weekend have left but the debate is raging over building a new highway that some say would encrouch on hallowed grown just back from monassis care rain what is this about? >> about an old project sean, the tri county parkway a major highway that would be within site of the battlefield it is not a new issue but environmental and preservation groups are seizing the moment of the 150th anniversary to draw attention to it. >> reporter: first off, four days of civil war reenactment and monassis is still a hot topic. >> bad solution to a problem, we need people to get to jobs that are primarily in fairfax and dulles corridor. >> chris miller is president of the piedmont environment council,.
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>> you are sacrificing a very important part of american history. >> reporter: tri county parkway would be part of a larger, proposal running i-95 stafford virginia and prince william to route 7 across the potomac river. >> this is paveed lane the project calls for acquiring land on either side of the roadway a hop, skip and jump from the battlefield. >> the second battle of bull run starts right out here, on the farm of john bonner. >> where confederate general, stone wall jackson fought the battle of bull run against the union army. >> evening of august 28th, the union marching down route 29, stone wall jackson's troops engage them from a ridge line north of here. >> they fought for two hours before the union retreated in the early morning hours. there is a site marked along the rolling hills of the
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battlefields already being encroached upon by tiny local roads and overhead power lines the idea of a four lane highway rattles reenactors >> inexcusable atrocity there has got to be a better way. go around the battleground. >> there is a long road to the big highway even though the state transportation secretary seems to be singling new interest. a spokeswoman tells fox 5 an environmental impact statement is 6 to 8 months away they still need a stamp of approval and any design could only start after a financial allocation. jone morris says for now there is no money for the right- of-way acquisition or construction there will be plenty of time for citizens input >> i bet they will have a lot to say. thank you. >> once notorious site in alexandria now the location of affordable housing for seniors officials dedicated beasly square on the corner of duke
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and west streets it was once a slave pen. >> the slave pen had the reputation of being very notorious because all of the people used to be taken from that slave pen, to places further south. >> 148-year-old shiloh baptist church across the street owned that land the development is named for shiloh's longest serving pastor it will provide 8, one bedroom affordable housing units to residents over age 62. >> it is a little cooler outside but i guess that is kind of thanks to recent rain we have had. >> exactly and still, so humid out there, gary, what are we looking at tonight? >> well, we have a chance for more showers and more thunderstorms but at least, these big strong one that is have moved through the last few hours bringing us severe thunderstorma lot of localized flooding are moving south we can see that on max hd radar, right now we still do have a
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couple active flash flood warnings for charles and king george and stafford county, those will runotice the big lin thunderstorms from st. mary's right down towards southern sections into virginia those are racing along to the south and southeast, in terms of what is in our hour fredericks burg a nice line to the west of you it will miss you the strongest of it will go through, more storms lining up st. mary city and callow way two, let me show you active flash flood warnings sentinel radar, king george, stafford, charles as well will go until 6:30 p.m., localized flooding down there, the good news here, most of these thunderstorms have moved out of the areas that are under the flash flood warning so that gives all this water time to basically go back into its banks and recede that is good
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news there a little break and another chance for thunderstorms this evening before some very very nice weather will come back at least for a couple days, full forecast coming up. >> thanks gary. >> today's initial autopsy on amy winehouse did not reveal a cause of death police say it will take 4 to 6 weeks for toxicology results to come back investigators revealed there is no reason to suspect foul play. winehouse had struggled with drug and alcohol addictions for years. fans have created a shrine to winehouse outside the london home where she died. today her grieving family showed up to see it for themselves winehouse's mother, father, step mother all read messages left by the fans her father says support from fans and photographers means a lot to them. >> i can't tell you what this means to us, it really is making this a lot easier for us, you know, amy was about one thing and that was love, her whole life was devoted to her
5:22 pm
family and friends and to you guys as well. >> her family say as private funeral will be held tuesday. opponents to new york's new gay marriage law are suing just one day after the same sex weddings were performed there. they claim the state senate violated procedureopen meetings law when it approved the bill last month hundreds married yesterday including this mass ceremony. 50 same sex couples said i do over niagara falls. >> amanda knox gets a boost. the new light being shed on dna evidence in that case. dominic strauss- kahn'saccuser speaks out for the first time. we tell you what she said when we come back 
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the hotel maid accusing dominic strauss-kahn of rape is speaking out for the first time she claims she didn't know he was a politician the former head of imf tried to sexually
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assault her at a new york city hotel he denies the allegations prosecutors are deciding whether to go forward with the case because they have concerns about the maid's credibility. >> dna experts in italy claim there are glaring errors in the amanda knox murder case italian appeals court appointed experts to review evidence in her trial investigators used dirty gloves and didn't wear caps which could have contaminated the dna evidence used to convict her she is in prison convicted by an italian jury of murdering her roommate. consumer alert that is good news for a change find out why prescription drug prices are about to start plummeting. >> what is being done to help millions of starving people in somalia, the united nations taking action to bring much needed relief  [ child's voice ] ooh, that looks good.
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millions of americans pay a high cost for prescription drugs that expense is about the drop in the next 15 months generic versions of the seven best selling drugs will hit the market alison seymour shows us why that is is good and bad news for patients. >> my opinion is that it would help me a lot. >> reporter: for carl it is price of the prescription drugs he needs has been getting out of reach. >> drugs that i get prescriptions for, i don't even bother getting filled out because i can't afford them. >> but that could soon change not only for him but for millions of americans many blockbuster big name medications will soon come off patent and be offered in generic versions meaning much lower cost. the next 15 months will bring copy cat versions of 7 of the world's 20 best selling drugs and 120 will lose protection over the next decade.
5:31 pm
>> consumers are going to start seeing that money in their pocket over the next couple years, huge drugs like lipitor and nexium and singulair medications for heart disease, asthma, very common conditions will be losing patent protection. >> generics are chemically equivalent to the originals and work just as well for most patients. >> seniors will benefit, lower costs, they are less likely to hit the doughnut hole, and more likely to take medications improve health and save them money in the long run. >> dr. goldberg agrees many people are not getting the doses they need as high costs have forced many to split pills or even skip doses. >> i hear about it daily you can pretty much tell by numbers when i check the patients blood pressure or cholesterol levels they say they are running out of medicine their blood
5:32 pm
pressure is higher or cholesterol is higher. >> when a drug loses patent protection the drug initially only dip as bit as more manufactures come into play it drops dramatically. >> one in five consumers will benefit from the availability of generic drugs. lipitor, plavix and certificate quell now retail between 150 and $275 a month insurance copays for them could drop below $10 out of pocket costs could be as little at $4. as for the pharmaceutical industry the shift to generics are forcing tough economic challenges that could bring innovation to a crawl. analysts say that with the flow of funds from patented drugs drying up, so too will funding for experimental and innovative drugs. alison seymour fox 5 news. dr. wolf, public citizen
5:33 pm
national nonprofit consumer advocacy joins us now to explain what that means thanks for being here. >> nice to be here sean. >> where does your agent ski stand on this change to more generic drugs. >> it means as some of the previous people have just said more people with get the drugs they need instead of having to face not having enough to eat and not having the right medicine. any barrier to getting drugs to the market as quickly as possible is unconscionable when we are talking about budgetgovernment shutting down something it is dumb, penny wise, pound foolish not to give the fda funds they need to hire enough people so these generic trucks can get to the market as quickly as -- drugs can get to the market as quickly as possible when the first drug comes to the market the price drops second and third and fourth are being held up because the fda doesn't have
5:34 pm
enough people to process these applications. >> right let me ask you briefly these drugs could sell from 20 to 80% less what the original drugs sell for, what other benefits will consumers see. >> well, the benefits, well, they will be able to afford a drug otherwise as was just said they skipped pills or didn't take the drug at all there is no evidence the fda is constantly checking to make sure what is in the generic drug is the same as the brand name just a matter of not having to pay a bankruptcy causing amount of money, to stay healthy. so it is a great idea and fda needs more funding, not a huge amount, nothing compared with what the government will save, through medicare and medicaid. >> we talked about some of the upsides are there any down sides to this change? >> the down sides may be to the brand name companies, the brand name companies once they get a drug approved assuming it is safe enough and effective enough, they've got a monopoly for a long time there is no
5:35 pm
question they will get more monopolies as some of their brand name drugs come off patent i do not have any sympathy or sorry for the brand named companies they will continue doing well maybe better than they should they will engage in enormous price gouging. >> in our report we mention though, one of the down sides may be the funding for experimental or innovative drugs may dry up as well do you see that as a problem? >> i don't these are the kinds of crying in the wind things that we have come to expect from the brand name companies, brand name companies are amongst the most profitable in the country, they can't afford not to do this kind of research hopefully they will do research on new kinds of drugs rather than a 10th or 15th version of cholesterol drug whatever. >> dr. sydney wolf i am sorry we are out of time, but thanks so much for coming in and giving us your perspective. >> nice talking to you sean. in tonight's health alert a
5:36 pm
salmonella warning on pa maya, fda is warning consumers not to eat fruits distributed by agrimod produce there are 97 reported cases of salmonella check the fruit in your home for an agrimod brand sticker the effected pa mayas were sold before july 23rd. >> me her gypsy meeting to save the -- emergency meeting to save the lives of millions in somalia who are starving, the un is asking donor countries and private companies for $1.6 billion, plus trucks and ships to get the food to the people suffering. a drought is crippling the region's ability to feed its people last week hillary clinton announced the u.s. will provide $28 million in aid in addition to $431 million already provided in emergency aid this year. hundreds of people turned out to help a young boy
5:37 pm
battling epilepsy find out why this young author is now one step close tore getting assistance he so desperately needs. 
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many disadvantaged montgomery county students will have the right tool for a successful school year, the drive for supplies collected 12,000 pounds, today is distribution day. students are part of this effort volunteering to sort and box donated items and hand them out people are urged to donate used by reusable items like book bags, pens, pencil, folders. >> last week he was sitting here in our studios talking about his new book, this year,
5:41 pm
7-year-old evan moss is a best selling author he personally signed books to raise money for a service dog that could help save his life buyers have lined up around the block his parents tell us all 150 books sold out immediately. >> this is just amazing we would never have expected this many people for this. we are so so thrilled about the support we are getting from people we know, and from strangers, people are here from new york. >> what a wonderful event evan is a wonderful child evan is trying to raise $13,000 to pay for the dog that will help him cope for epilepsy. >> we both bought a book when they were here last week i gave the book to the kids over the weekend they just loved it. >> yes,. >> they kept saying momma read it to us. >> same as my kids it was an interesting process for them to learn what little evan is going through. >> exactly. >> so it was really cool.
5:42 pm
>> we wish you the best. >> she beat the best of the best and she grew up right here in our area, coming up soap box derby champ joining us live in studio to talk about her big win. >> we are about to get relief from the heat but comes with a price. storms passing through our region 
5:43 pm
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5:45 pm
this year's soap box derby championship for participants 11 years or old terrace was over the weekend in akron ohio she is 13 years old her pickle car crossed the finish line ahead of the competition in just under 30 seconds we are happy to have emily fox here with her dad [ audio difficulty ] >> how did you guys get into
5:46 pm
this in the beginning. >> the town councilman from hancock had the idea of starting this, good american tradition we wanted to bring back hancock is all about their american traditions we try to preserve that stuff. we went to our first race in frederick maryland the mayor decided he would sponsor my son's car on the way home she decided she wanted it to be like a pickle, a friend of the family painted it for us and it just kind of snowballed from there. the town really supports her. >> so you were hooked after a little bit emily why a pickle. >> because i love pickles. >> i mean it is a cute car did you have fun doing this? >> yeah. >> can you believe you won? look at this trophy this is impressive. >> i am glad that i won, but i was upset that they get the keep my car. >> but it is not for long as i understand it only for show,
5:47 pm
they are showing it right now do you get it back eventually? >> i might. >> you are disappointed in part because you raised some erugos money to make this -- some serious money to make this car happen. this is a $600 car. >> yeah, i just did jobs around the house, to get money, and then for christmas and easter and stuff i just asked for money,. >> what was your key to winning? do you think? the pickle? >> yes, it was steve. >> steve? who is steve? >> my pickle. >> you named him steve. >> yes. >> okay that is cute i hear it was raining too and that worked in your advantage. >> yeah, i was in lane 2 the first heat and lane 2 is slow unless it rains. >> when you return to washington you return to a heros welcome, tell me about that. >> well, we were coming up the interstate and the police they passed us and they brought us into the bank, we got to the bank it was filled with our
5:48 pm
friends from hancock,. >> that is so exciting. >> they all had signs. >> what is next for you? >> um, i am going to rally race,. >> what is rally race. >> um,. >> quickly. >> just racing but you have to get points to go to akron. >> but still soap box. >> yes. >> great congratulations to both of you this is very exciting we will look for the pickle hopefully to return to the local area, soon. >> congratulations. >> sean back over to you. >> thank you congratulations wow. how cool is that. >> awesome. >> he was winning in a pickle is what we should say. >> who did the great paint job. who did the paint job emily? >> there you go ben what? >> ben stottler. >> congratulations to you how do you make a pickle. >> creative people gary. >> something i am obviously not. >> i am good with numbers.
5:49 pm
>> numbers are going down outside but humidity is thick. >> overnight tonight and tomorrow humidity will change drastically we will get a little break, for the next couple days, from the humidity so a little bit of relief, as a matter of fact thunderstorms that we have been getting the afternoon and evening, well, these thunderstorms of transition because all of this is happening out in front of a cold front that will bring change for us this is what we can see nowfredericks burg the storms moved by, the heaviest of the action is down i-95 to your south and leonard town, light rain there, and a little bit left over st. mary's pretty good storm to the west of you all moving down to the east, southeast, this is looking like most of these flash flood warnings have been allowed to expire or cancelled early because with the storms moving on they are having a chance to kind of have some drying taking place, and everything is coming
5:50 pm
back into its banks the way it should be the recession of the water is beginning to happen now, after these very very heavy thunderstorms over to sentinel radar this is the last three hours to give you an idea of everything moving on to the south you can see now there is no more green areas here indicating flash flood warnings that is good news all these warnings have been cancelled early with all this rain moving down to the southeast. now there is more thunderstorm activity to the north and west, we will be watching that this evening as we look at live 3d these up drafts not nearly as impressive as they were earlier, so these seem to be weakening a little bit and coming down that is good news as these continue to move south and southeast nothing for us in the metro area but looks like at least a chance of more thunderstorms this evening, we will talk about that in just a second finally we get relief from temperatures now, pretty much area wide, lower 80s
5:51 pm
depending on who got the rain and who didn't get the rain but definitely things are much more comfortable than they have been the last several days temperatures down to 79 degrees here in the city gaithersburg burg, 77 frederick, 84, haggers town, martins burg winchester staying mid-to upper 80s it has been awhile since they had rain and sunshine temperatures allowed the come right back up baltimore, 75, annapolis, 77, really nice out there and with the heat index little bit hotter, simply because we still do have a lot of available moisture in the atmosphere listen things are changing the the thunder storm activity moving to the south we are watching this next line that is coming through central sections of pennsylvania, this will be the line that comes through with the front, and this is the front that is really going to bring relief starting overnight tonight and certainly tomorrow really the next couple days evening thunderstorms possible
5:52 pm
drier after midnight dryer for overnight down middle 70s look at tomorrow, instead of upper 90s we are talking about lower 90s for highs and as we progress through the day tomorrow, you will notice that humidity levels will be coming down for a change. some dryer air is working in, tomorrow's pretty good, wednesday is my pick of the week, i don't even really want to talk about thursday and friday,. >> oh, gary. >> but just focus on the next couple days. >> okay. >> next couple days, nice relief from what we've had to deal with. >> all right living in the moment. >> thanks gary. >> now to the talk of the town on tmz sudden death of amy winehouse autopsy under way, harvey levin the live in l.a. any new details what may have caused to die? -- her to die? >> the toxicology report will take 2 to 4 weeks there is no clear scene sign of death we
5:53 pm
were told by a source connected with this that suspicion was an over dose that is no shock to anybody, and you know, whatever it is, amy winehouse had been abusing drugs for a long long time, but probably 2 to 4 weeks until we get something conclusive. >> 27 years old clearly an incredible talent what are other hollywood starmusicians saying about her tonight? >> i am not hearing the same kind of outpouring i heard with michael jackson, for sure. but sean, even more stunning to me, we put polls up, nine on the website over the weekend we had half a million people voting, and it is unbelievable there is very little sympathy for amy winehouse they think she is a junkie who will never be famous in death the way she was in lieu of they blame it all on her people on our site again it is a half million people, were very very
5:54 pm
unforgiving it was really interesting a little bit surprising to me. >> folks are being unforgiving for arnold schwarzenegger he and wife maria revisg ivorce documents to make it more respectful what does that mean? >> well, this is crazy that while they were dealing with their son christopher's very serious injury last week, arnold's lawyer filed papers saying i don't want to give maria spousal support and i want her to pay her own lawyers fees just like unbelievably callous when she is at her son's bedside grieving, so what we got back was that arnold did not read those documents he merely signed them and the lawyer filled them out so today he is making it right and probably in the next hour he is going the file a revised document and taking away, what he was trying to do which was to block his wife from getting spousal support and attorneys fees he is going to try to amp it down a little bit. >> he just needs to pay up it
5:55 pm
is his fault enough said there i know you wanted my opinion see you guys here for tmz at 6:30. a look at what is next on the news at of. >> coming down to the wire congress just one week left to come up with a deal to raise the debt ceiling or u.s. could default on loans, for the first time in history. the story developing by the minute all the latest details for you off the top. they are moving towards a better arlington national cemetery but these people don't work here this is a labor of love. >> and it could be the most expensive hot dog in the world. a massachusetts baseball stadium selling the all american meal for $80 a pop what makes this frank so special. 
5:56 pm
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no matter how you get
5:59 pm
online, make insure you are not making internet regrets 18% of those surveyed regret something they posted online more men than women said they posted something online they wished they hasn't. don't put it on there. thanks for joining us tonight at 5. >> news at 6 starts now. right off to top the debt debate continues on capitol hill today house and senate leaders laid out last ditched proposals tonight we will hear what president obama thinks of them as he addresses the nation. melanie owens has been following developments. >> reporter: as we know there is a lot at stake here not much time the debt limit has to be increased in some way, before august 2nd otherwise there may be a government shut down while both sides say that won't happen t's

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